Friday, April 06, 2018

Getting ready

Countdown to departure! Today I not only have to pack but do various housekeeping jobs like tidying cupboards, filing (a horrible always put-off job) and backing up the computer. Well, at least the packing is done and the computer back-up, now for the rest. We are finishing off the soto ayam for dinner: a fitting finish before we leave. Then we have to get up very early tomorrow to get our marathon flights, finishing at Lima tomorrow 'night' but really some time on Sunday.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Spice and everything nice

Yesterday (Wednesday), I did a bit of work and tidying, then went into town to the NGV International where I, at last, saw some of the excellent Triennial. I then waited for the author of novel II, but after she didn't show, I found when I got home that I'd got the day wrong. It's today instead. Oh well, I also got some US dollars to take away from ANZ. In the early evening, P. and I went to the Wheeler Centre for a Griffith Review session on the Commonwealth Now. Speakers from Indigenous Australia, India and Canada were excellent and interesting. We were there mainly because of Canadian publisher, Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, who was also the reason for Rachel being there from Magabala. They went off together and P. and I joined Frank at Red Spice for an excellent, if rather pricey, dinner to say goodbye. This morning, I did a bit of reading of the non-fiction work, then went into town to meet the author of novel II. She turned out to be very nice and we had a good mag over lunch (crotchless sandwiches) about her novel. Then I came home and sent off some comments on the non-fiction work to its author who responded promptly by phone. That's all the work finished before leaving. In the late afternoon, P. went off to finish off his innoculations while I went into town to Jarrah restaurant (behind Homo Hall) to join Neil A-D and Janelle H. where P. joined us later. We had a good meal and a mag then went into the Hall to hear the MSO play Debussy's Nocturnes (with the MSO women's chorus quaintly called Ladies of the MSO Chorus in the program). They followed with the world premiere of a work by Mary Finsterer Mixed Tales III: The Lost about a Celtic ritual (go figure) but the work was quite impressive. It was a kind of concerto for viola and cello, very well played by Christopher Moore and Timo-Veikko Valve. They finished with Brahms symphony no. 4. Conductor Jun Markl knows his stuff and it was a stirring performance. Home again for The Bridge.

Tuesday, April 03, 2018


After a bit of tidying up this morning and making a postcard etc. list for South America, P. and I picked up Franz and went to Heidelberg to see George P. Unfortunately, when I spoke with him yesterday, he had forgotten about his podiatry appointment today so we missed him. By way of compensation, we got nice pies for lunch on the way home. After a nap, P. made spatchcocks for dinner. They were very nice though the cost of the chook seems in inverse size to their size. Louis Theroux on those evil Scientologists followed.

Monday, April 02, 2018

Getting ready

Today I spent most of the morning and some of the arvo getting ready for our trip. I went to Carlton to get the new Llossa book (a murder mystery set in Peru, most appropriate) to join the Australian and the Irish/Australian novels to take for plane reading. The Carlton shoe shop was closed for Easter so I went to trendy Brunswick Street and got some trendy shoes to take away with my runners. Then I compiled a list of addresses (internet and personal) to take away and I renewed my virus protection (now it's Norton rather than AVG). It was all very boring but it had to be done. Now all I think I need to sort is money and I'm waiting on a reply from Rachel the travel agent to do that. Then, of course, pack which requires some washing and drying. But I feel as though I've got a few days up my sleeve. In the evening, we had leftover soto ayam for dinner, plus macherated strawberries and icecream. Maigret for entertainment, plus cricket hijinks.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

No more Marxists

Today, Sam went off to the last day of the Marxist conference while P. and I did the Sunday crossword, no mistakes this time. Now for the end of month accounts and the first quarter BAS. We had leftovers for lunch, then took Sam III to the airport for Brisbane, then went to Noel T.'s for an excellent farewell dinner, and also to celebrate our 41st anniversary. We also met his friend, MJ, who was very nice indeed. Home again for the teev and a pleasant night.