Thursday, January 19, 2017

Calming down

This morning was mainly administrative with a bit of tidying up on the nearly finished autobiography and some more on the flood repairs and organising the anniversary bash (more on that later). There are now quotes out for three venues. We'll see. I've returned Sally's car and keys, so I hope it starts for her tomorrow. Tonight, off to La Mama for our first Midsumma event: The Little Prince based on Oscar Wilde's story. The show was an excellent piece of theatre, though the message was a little hard to discern. Two wonderful performances by Janine Watson and Catherine Davies illuminated the evening. Beforehand, we had an excellent meal at DOC Carlton (me vitello tonnato, Peter lasagne followed by tiramisu for each of us).

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

More running around

This morning, I got up early to go to The Club (RMH) to see Maxillo-Facial for continuing check-ups. I don't quite know why I am seeing them AND ear-nose-and-throat but they are quite thorough in their checking and ready to answer any of my mad questions. I bought some stuff from Parisienne Pate on the way home (for lunch and f'rafter). Then I charged up Sally's car and went to pick up a parcel from the post office. It turned out to be a part delivery of the beer etc. I bought to support New Matilda (how self-interested can you get). Then I cashed some more change at the bank. We're up to over $300 so far in loose change. Get rid of those 5 cent coins folks, before they become obsolete. We then had leftover soto ayam for dinner, which has matured well as the chillis took greater effect.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Running Around

This morning, Peter and I picked up Cade the Van, filled him up with boxes of books (plus some from Frank's) and took it to stock up the Field Nats bookfair in the eastern burbs. We then took some more stuff for recycling then took Cade back to Brunswick Street for a rest. We had a very good iced coffee at Jasper's to reward ourselves. I then fired up Sally's car and took it to the bank with my packets of changes which all-in-all amounted to over $200 worth of change. More to come. Tonight, we're off with Frank to Uncle Noel's for dinner where we had blinis, spicy chicken and potatoes and trifle. Delicious.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Never ending

It's just as well that I am semi-retired or I would never get everything done. This morning, I made the main part of tonight's dinner (soto ayam) and took Sally's car down the freeway to keep it charged. We'll have a scratch lunch of the remains of last night's fish cakes and the leek & potato soup. Then, as part of the clean-up I bagged a fair proportion of the loose change (massive amounts) to go to the bank. Phew.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Slightly active weekend

Yesterday, Peter and I did a bit more tidying up. I've now finished filing all the programs. Now I've got to get on with filing all the papers and holiday leftovers (maps, brochures etc. which are worth keeping). That will take a while. Last night for dinner, Peter made a pasta, prawn and lemon dish which was very clean tasting and delicious. The trifle dessert keeps on giving and will have its final round tonight, I think. There was trouble today with Sally's car when I went to go and get the Sunday paper (for the crossword and some toilet paper). The car wouldn't start. After checking with Sal, I called the RACV, who came amazingly promptly (10 minutes). It turned out the battery was flat but still working. I hadn't started the car for over a day and a half, apparently a little too long. The man recommended doing it every day for at least five minutes. I will until Sally returns. I made fish cakes for dinner and we did indeed finish off the very rich trifle. David G. has suggested making the Pedro Ximenes jelly accompanied by mascarpone only. We might just do that.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Shopping plus

This morning, all we had to do to go shopping was pick up Sally's car from outside the door (I call him Pepe the Peugeot), then Frank and off to Victoria Gardens. As we had the car, we then went to Officeworks for more storage things, then to Pope Joan in East Brunswick for brunch. They had very tasty food and we asked about their prices for functions (for our planned party). In the evening, Peter and I went into town, had a quick but good meal at Yoyogi then went to the Arts Centre to see Tim Finn in his autobiographical show, 'White Cloud'. While it was absorbing in many ways, a show that calls itself 'immersive' is almost certain to lack focus and this one did. The audience, which I think expected Tim Finn's greatest hits, remained relatively unmoved even though the show made some powerful points along the way. Co-written with Ken Duncum and using movies made from old family super-8s by Sue Healey, the prize for best part was the co-performer Brett Adams on guitars. A bravura performance!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Heide again

This morning, Peter got the Age for its Green Guide. I did some more tidying (I've nearly finished the programs), then we picked up Franz the Corolla because it's a bit bigger than Pepe the Peugeot (Sally's car) and went to Noel T.'s place. After a bit of manoeuvring, we got his walking frame into the back and headed for Heide. We saw the Modernism exhibition (Grace Cossington-Smith, Margaret Preston and Georgia O'Keefe). It was well worth a revisit. We had a simple but good bite to eat at the busy restaurant which seemed to have every woman from the eastern suburbs there then dropped Noel at home. We came home for a rest then had leftovers (chicken, steak and trifle) for dinner.