Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Home again, vagabond shoes

I tried to blog while we were away but Google wouldn't let me because I was using 'foreign' computers. I will now set about filling in the four week gap with our monster experiences in the western USA, but first we need to do mundane things like unpacking and washing not to mention replying to much correspondence and so on. More to come soon.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday sweet Sunday

This morning, I was up early to go up to the servo to get the Sunday Age so we could despatch the crossword for the last time in a while. Then it was time for some serious checking and packing. In the evening, we had soto ayam (which is also behaving a bit like the magic pudding) but still didn't quite use it up. All ready to go after a bit of a clean-up.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Still packing etc.

This morning, as if nothing was happening, we had a leisurely read of The Saturday Paper and the Saturday Australian, neither yet finished. We did some more organising and I did the end-of-month accounts early including the monthly BAS. Finally, the last of the magic-pudding French onion soup for lunch. After an arvo nap, Frank came round for roast lamb dinner followed by P.'s scrumptious blood orange sorbet, and to say goodbye, for now.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Morning tea

After a few morning chores, P. and I went to Sally S.'s newly renovated barn (it now won't fall down) and had morning tea including some tasty delights from the patisserie in Smith Street (going up in the world Smurf Street). It was good to catch up with her friend, Virginia, and Roger. Home for French onion soup (the magic pudding variety) then a nap. In the evening, P. and I went off to the South Melbourne Town Hall to an ANAM concert, this time by Alex Ranieri, pianist and fellow of the Academy. There were three very intriguing works. The first by Olga Neuwirth was for prepared piano with a CD tape, a haunting piece. Then soprano Jessica Aszodi joined Ranieri for a bravura piece by Helmut Lachenmann in part about a lost laundry basket. Through sounds, face slapping and clicks, Jessica performed miracles. Afterwards, she probably sang a Queen of the Night aria for relaxation. The last piece was Alban Berg's Chamber Concerto for piano, violin and 13 winds, conducted by Benjamin Marks, again another magnificent piece. We also ran across Yvonne, retired from the Health Centre, and Anne M. on old friend. Afterwards, we had a good meal at the Salon de Sushi in Clarendon Street, tasty, good value and friendly people.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


More organising with tickets arriving (electronically) and other stuff. Late this morning, Bryony C. dropped in some borrowed books and regaled us with tales of the Kimberley boat trip which she and Philip took recently. We had a cuppa and a good catch up. P. and I then had French onion soup for lunch. In the arvo, P. went to the quack who put him on hold till we return from holidays, then in the evening, we had experimental soto ayam. It was experimental because I did it the Indonesian way, using up whatever ingredients we had leftover.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Not much getting ready

Apart from a bit of tidying up this morning, I didn't do much this morning except go to the Health Centre to get my pill supplies for being on the road. Then I met P. and we went to Brunetti's for lunch with the S. sisters. The food there is good because they used very good ingredients but the noise hampers conversation. Home again for a nap. Then it was off with P. and Frank to Yoyogi for a quick, cheap meal, then to the State Theatre for the Production Company's 'Curtains', the last show by Kander and Ebb ('Cabaret', 'Chicago'). This show was not up to either of those and was something of a throwback. However, it was good to see and the cast did a marvellous job of making a silk purse... Congratulations for showing us something in a good production which we would otherwise not have seen or not seen so well done.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

More planning

Today, I worked like a Trojan on the memoir and sent it all back to author, so I've now got a few days worth of trip preparing and planning for things like getting the pills I need for travel. As well, I did some more booking, some for 2017 and some for while we're away including a Bonnie Raitt concert in LA. How we'll get to it I'm not sure but we'll manage either on the train or cab. Maybe Uber? Now I'm settling back while P. does a rerun of the pork belly and Asian greens.