Saturday, February 24, 2018

Surprise visit

Today, we had the usual Saturday rush of papers. I had a call from an Alice Springs author who is in town briefly, so we met for brunch at Barry in Westgarth. They do a very good, but overlarge, eggs florentine. We had a good mag about the book and I came home.

Friday, February 23, 2018


First up, we picked up Billy the Corolla (Franz is being unfaithful) and picked up coffee and headed for Victoria Gardens. We did the shopping and dropped Noel's shopping off to him. Then we dropped Billy and had a good brunch at the Bluebird Cafe. In the evening, we went to Noel's for dinner (fishcakes starter, then lamb casserole and chocolate mousse, to follow). Yum! Home again for a very good Vera.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Trundling round town

Early this morning, I went hospital-wards and saw the vampires before a Genie kidney appointment next week. Then I tried to make a cobbler/elf appointment to get my nose on my new specs but Greg was off today so will ring me in a day or so. Then I went into town to pick up said glasses, both pairs. They gave me free glasses cleaner but I had to buy a holding strap. Home again, to farewell P. on his way to lunch with Margaret N. After a really good day, it got better when I was able to get the Brazilian visa site to accept my photos, only to have it tell me on the next page (personal details including my monthly wage, why do they need to know that?), when I pressed 'continue' that they already have an application from this passport number. I went to the progress in my application to be told that all that was missing was my payment. At this point I exploded and rang the Brazilian consulate in Canberra. I was polite until the man told me to send a screenshot of the message, which would involve going through the entire process for probably the sixth time. He relented and said just to send an email about what had happened. I did including the probably counterproductive news that I was going off going to Brazil, a country with an obviously over-zealous bureaucracy. After a nap, I've calmed down a bit and P. is making consolatory roast chook for dinner which was delicious especially with preserved lemon brocolli. We settled in with an historical drama/doco. on pre-Wolfenden Britain.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Health centre plus

This morning, I went to the Health Centre for more innoculations before going away. I got the scrip for pills for altitude sickness but have to go back in a week or so for malaria. I already have whooping cough and can't have a shingles jab because it is an active serum. I also got some top-up pills. Then I posted Noel's parcel after a long wait for a woman getting a passport authorisation. We had soup for lunch, and are off to the Recital Centre for dinner with Cathy L. and her friend Rod at Blondie outside. We had a good meal and chat then went to a concert which was a sort of mix of Spanish music and South American colonial response. It turned out to be a wonderful concert with Jordi Savall and his own group, Hesperion XXI and another Tembembe Ensamble Continuo with harpist, Andrew Lawrence-King, all of them riffing away on baroque tunes. There was a madly enthusiastic standing ovation from a partly Spanish audience.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Novel novel

This morning, I've continued working on reviewing the novel for the third time. It is much improved this time. I'm about a quarter through it. I'm also reading and enjoying a non-fiction ms. which is for pleasure not work. P. went to the health centre about, among other things, vaccinations for South America. And I made anchovy pasta for dinner, followed by baby cheeses.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Family Barbecue

Yesterday (Sunday), P. and I polished off the crossword fairly early, picked up Barnaby the Yaris for the first time (I couldn't resist booking a car called Barnaby when Franz was being unfaithful with someone else). We went to Officeworks to get some online material for our Brazilian visas (the saga continues). Then we went to the Bellbird picnic area to the annual family barbecue, which apparently is now 15 years old, and 10 years at the current venue. The turnup wasn't as good this year for various reasons and it is fairly obvious that when the current generation (mine) dies off it will stop. However, it was good to catch up and probably like barbecues all round Australia have a good laugh at Barnaby Joyce's expense. We went home for a nap and had leftovers plus new French onion soup for dinner. Today, I'm getting back to work with another Chinese translation to check plus a new report on a revised novel I've reported on twice before. I also had a vain go at applying for a Brazilian visa. There seems to be a new obstacle at every turn. P. is making eggplant parmigiana for dinner which turned out to be delicious if a little salty from the Italian cheese in it. We have been very virtuous having three days of mainly vego food (prawns, onion soup and eggplant) though tempered by lunches of lamb soup and after-dinner baby cheeses with cold meats. However, it's better to be a bit virtuous than not virtuous at all.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Movies and music

Yesterday (Friday), P. and I went to the Collingwood Library for the U3A film session run by Teresa Pitt. This year's flicks are Australian, and the first was the silent version of 'The Sentimental Bloke'. It was very enjoyable in an historical sense, though set in Melbourne it was filmed in Sydney, looking rather more tropical than its southern neighbour. Manly was also very recognisable. We had a good lunch at a nearby cafe and a mag. Then in the evening, joined Frank P. and Michael H. for another good mag at Yoyogi. We then all went to the Recital Centre for a fine concert by the Australian String Quartet with quartets by Glass and Dean (Brett) played contiguously (?) then a bravura performance of Mendelssohn's first string quartet. Now, on Saturday, we have an avalanche of papers to plough through, unfortunately with a bit too much Barnaby Joyce. We then picked up Franz the Corolla and did the shopping for both us and Noel and delivered it to Noel. Then home for lunch (soup) and a nap then I did seafood dinne (garlic prawns) then a night of TV cops.