Monday, December 17, 2018

Novel and biography

Last night, the author of the novel returned it, with modifications, so I checked those and returned it to her this morning plus cut the biography, this time a little more ruthlessly. P. and I had leftover fish curry for lunch and leftover chook for dinner. In spite of good teev early on (Rush on 7.30, Ricketson on Australian story and the Furneaux Islands on Backroads) we had to finish with Mad Men as things deteriorated with Charley Windsor.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Busy morning

The crossword was despatched (nearly) before nine apart from one recalcitrant answer about Adam's clay, later uncovered. Then a bit of the biography trimming, then off to the city for lunch with my sister and bro-in-law. We had a very good lunch and chat with them and their friend Russell. Home again for a nap. In the evening, we had leftover soto ayam for dinner followed by a very weak night on the teev. Better to read a book.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Papers and work

The bulk Saturday papers arrived but I managed to tear myself away and get on with the memoir and biography. I think that by doing a little each day I will get them finished before Christmas. I've so far lost over 3000 words from the first section of the biography, probably not enough. I'll see how I go on the next section. We had salmon cakes for lunch, then a nap and P. made roast chook for dinner.

Friday, December 14, 2018


Up early this morning to get pills from the Health Centre, then P. joined me to pick up Barnaby the Yaris and Frank the person, off to the mall for shopping, thence to Noel's with his shopping which I think I got right this time. We then had a very nice brunch at Dr Morse which was buzzing with Christmas parties. I keep forgetting about Christmas. After a nap, I made fish curry for dinner then an evening with the teev and Mad Men again.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Memoir and biography

This morning, one of the fuses gave up the ghost (the one that operates the microwave), so we've called the electrician for this arvo. I went on with the memoir and sent the next chapter back to the author with few amendments. I'm now going on with cutting the biography. I might need to be a bit more ruthless and I am not even a quarter way through. We had leftovers for lunch (scalloped potatoes and smoked salmon), yum. The electricians arrived and fixed the fuse though couldn't really explain why it tripped in the first place beyond that modern fuse boxes added to old wiring often were a bit dodgy. Further, they said that from next year if you have any new electrical work done (e.g. a new power point) you have to have your old fuse box replaced! They offered a discount if they needed to be called again about the same thing. In the early evening, we went to Uncle for another very good meal. Thence to the very popular and populous Cumulus for a pavement g&t as we were still early for Bottomless, at 45downstairs. Set in the Broome sobering-up shelter, it was a brilliantly performed play with a stellar cast of seven (unusual these days). Although only an hour long, it encapsulated a lot of the issues in Indigenous affairs. It was our last theatre/music outing for the year and transmission doesn't resume until 13 January.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


This morning, I started on the biography, a bit intimidated by the length, text (with notes) 209,000 words or thereabouts. Nothing daunted, I ploughed in. P. went off for a U3A committee meeting. In the evening, after a nap, we had more of the soto ayam for dinner plus baby cheeses. The teev was not very good so we watched more Mad Men which wasn't really either.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Novel off

This morning, in a burst of early energy, I got the novel back off to the author and will await their response. Then I moved on to the memoir. I feel a bit less overwhelmed now that I can see my way to getting both big tasks finished (the memoir and the biography), if not before Christmas, then soon after. We had vegie soup for lunch, while I made most of the soto ayam for dinner which I completed after a nap, then we ate it and settled in for a night with Michael Portillo. Why?