Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Travelling songs

Appropriately enough, today's concert for the Morning Musical Masterpieces with baritone Jeremy Kleeman and pianist Stefan Cassomenos included Vaughan Williams' Travelling Song Cycle, as well as songs by Ravel and Schubert, a great concert. I said hello to 'our friend' Monica Curro beforehand. On the way, I got photocopies of our 'important' documents but the barber was shut so I had to go on the way home. A scratch lunch, then get packing. We had leftover corned beef for dinner, then got on with packing, meanwhile boggling at the revelations about One Nation apparatchickis and the NRA. An amazing confluence of Alan Jones, Mark Latham, Pauline Hanson and James Ashby. We're fleeing the country.

Monday, March 25, 2019


I woke up for a pee around 5am this morning, then couldn't go properly to sleep as I normally would because I was thinking about my checklist of things to pack or do before going away. So I got up early, did the end-of-month accounts (a bit early so I could submit my Business Activity Statement before we leave) and my Smart Traveller registration. Now it's time to get out the clothes for packing. My night-time ruminations might prove useful. Meanwhile, P. went into town for secret phone business and some shopping. After a nap, we went up to join Frank at the Retreat Hotel at the end of the street. It has new owners, and, though the menu is standard pub food, it is of superior quality at a very reasonable price. Home again, after saying farewell to Frank, for normal Monday night teev.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Noel, lunch and packing

After finishing off the crossword with little or no fuss, P. and I bussed to the Royal Melbourne to drop in some stuff for Noel. The nurse said he would transfer to rehab. in Parkville in the next couple of days when a bed was available. We said our goodbyes before our trip in case we don't catch up before then. Home for salmon patties and leftover lentil soup for lunch, very filling. An arvo nap followed then I made not-bad corned beef with sauce for dinner, then Vera on the teev, sadly over for now, but season 8 is coming.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Shopping, brunch

We picked up Billy the Corolla and Frank the person, went to Victoria Gardens for shopping and dropped into Noel's to pick up some things to take for him in hospital. We then had a good brunch at Melvin (ex-Bluebird cafe). It is obviously meant for a very young clientele but the customers and staff are very picturesque.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Films, hospital and opera

This morning, Catherine emailed Noel's whereabouts. He has been in the Royal Melbourne since Monday after a fall after we left after dinner last Sunday. He has broken some bones in his leg. We visited him after the film course and he is likely to be in hospital another week and then in rehab for God knows how long. Before that we went to Teresa's U3A film course for Sassy Dames no.2, this time Barbara Stanwyck in Baby Face which provoked lively discussion (is it feminist or not?) which continued over lunch in the Red Bird cafe. Off to the hospital, then home again, then out to Richard Mills' lively talk on opera audiences at Horti Hall. Home again for leftover dinner and the last episode of Mad Men which kind of wrapped everything up.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

More travel fun

I spent over an hour this morning fiddling with my travel card online. It took FOUR phone calls to their phone centre to sort it all out and rectify the misinformation I was given yesterday. A more opaque system you could not imagine if you tried, right down to a blue on black passcode printed on the back of the card, too small to be readable anyway. After that, I made up an address list to take with us. P. went off to lunch with Robin S. In the early evening, P. and I went off to Barre at the Arts Centre and had a good, though noisy, meal. Then to the Fairfax Theatre for Arbus and West, a play by Stephen Sewell about the meeting between the photographer and the actrine. It was beautifully performed by all three actors but the play faltered a bit in the second half. It was worth seeing though. Came home to find a message via Magabala about Noel being in hospital, but it was too late to do anything. We'll see in the morning.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Travel plans

I went into town this morning, acquired an international driver's licence from the RACV (a piece of cardboard for $39, what an earner). Then I went to the ANZ to get a travel card. The stripling who served me kept having computer freeze. This program often does this, he said, in between telling me his adventures in Argentina. It really inspires confidence. At last, I got the card, loaded up with pounds and euros then went and joined P. and Barry D. at Mario's for a good brunch. Home for a nap. Afterwards, I went into an orgy of shredding my old accounts (which contained my credit card number) and caught up with Carmel B. whom I've been playing phone pingpong with for days. She is settling in to her new flat. P. is making pork spare ribs for dinner and we now have only one more episode of Mad Men to go.