Sunday, February 19, 2017


I picked up Franz, then Peter and the bbq lunch and we headed for the Bellbird picnic area on the Boulevard. As it was a slightly rainy day, attendance wasn't huge, but a very affable group of rellos turned up, including a lot of Churchills, a couple of Coupers and all the Simses who are available. We also disposed of Dad's ashes in the river at long last, almost exactly two years after he died. It is very good having such a group of congenial relatives with not a dud amongst them. We'll have leftovers from the bbq for dinner which turned out to be delicious. Thanks P., for a great day.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Unusual Saturday

The skip provider came this morning to pick up the skip to which I'd added a bit more debris from the front room as well as the plaster. P. and I then caught the bus up to Coles in Johnston Street for the shopping as we didn't need much this week. Better luck with Franz next week. It's a very quiet weekend with only the family barbecue for punctuation tomorrow lunchtime.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Plaster day

This morning, Peter and I had to get up early to move the last furniture out of the front room and reserve a parking spot for the arriving skip to take the plaster rubbish. The electrician arrived to turn off the power in the front room and the plasterers started stripping the ceiling. By lunchtime, the ceiling was removed and now there's a new ceiling and the large cracks are gouged. Lee will be back in a week to put up the new cornices. Then it will have to be sanded and painted and we'll need new carpet. So far so good. Leftover soto ayam for dinner.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


This morning, P. and I did a massive clean-up on the front room to remove nearly everything for the plasterers tomorrow. By a minor miracle we managed to transport the whole computer set-up to the living room and it worked. The only minor hitch is that, though it worked when I first opened it, now Google Chrome doesn't work. Until I solve that I'll just have to use Microsoft Edge. I think it's some wicked trick by Microsoft. We'll have a rest this arvo. and then have leftovers for tea.

Little Emperors

Yesterday, I continued tidying for the plasterers and did some admin. work. We had leftover beans on toast for lunch, then in the evening went off to the Malthouse and had a good quick meal. The show was 'Little Emperors' about China's one-child policy and its aftermaths. Partly in Mandarin and part in English (with subtitles), it was an intriguing show with a gay sub-theme (not used in publicity). A watery set was a bit of a good theatrical gimmick (splashing during arguments) in a very 'theatrical' production. Today, there will be shifting of furniture and an attempt to reset up the computer in the living room. If I go off the air for a while, don't fuss. It just means we weren't successful yet.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Plaster and Moonlight

Yesterday (Tuesday), I did more filing and tidying in the front room in preparation for the plasterer, Lee to appear which he did. He was very good and thorough and will be here on Friday to begin work. In the arvo, P. and I went to the Westgarth cinema to meet Frank for 'Moonlight' which turned out to be not at all as I imagined. It was a subtle movie but a bit slow-moving but it did provide some insight into black culture in the U.S. which I didn't have before. Frank came back to our place for soto ayam and baby cheeses as we eat our way through my birthday package (thanks Kit and Nick). The finale of 'Spring Tide' was pretty impressive late at night with a surprise ending.

Monday, February 13, 2017

More cooking, more autobiog.

This morning, I got the lamb roast ready (thanks Stephanie) and it will just have to be heated for dinner tonight. As well, I've very nearly finished the report on the autobiography which I'll look at again in the morning and add the last bits. I spoke with the plasterer, who is coming tomorrow to assess the job and quote for our part of it. So, for the moment, all's right with the world (our small part of it, not the big picture). Michael H. and Frank came for dinner last night. We had French onion soup, Stephanie's lamb and beans then berry icecreams and a good mag. Michael is off to Berlin soon so he and Frank exchanged tourist tips.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cooking frenzy

After a bit of a cooking frenzy yesterday, I stored away French onion soup (some of which we had for lunch today), soto ayam and some raspberry icecream for dinner on Monday. I've finally got round to doing more work today and haven't far to go on the (ghosted) autobiography. Tonight, P. is making goulash for dinner.