Saturday, December 16, 2017

Novelling on

The last two days (Thursday and Friday) were mainly spent on the novel which is getting near a final proofing. P. went to U3A film course on Friday and we had leek and potato soup on Thursday and delicious lamb rolled roast, cooked by P. on Friday.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Charging towards Christmas

While P. went off to the U3A committee meeting I went on with the last autobiography, then lo-and-behold, the novel popped into my inbox, amended by the author's friend ever-so-slightly but enough to fix a hole along with my small amendments. So we're ready to go, once I tidy the text up and proof it again. It is so hot today that we'll have leftovers for dinner.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

At the Health Centre

This morning, the Health Centre phoned me to bring forward my appointment with Dr Jessie by twenty minutes. When we finally got together (actually at the original time), she did a very careful assessment of my vaccination needs and what I could not have because of my anti-rejection medication. I have to see her again in mid-January to finalise it all. Home again to do some administrative tidy-up and a bit of work. P. was off having lunch with Robin S. In the early evening, P. and I went off to the M Pavilion for a Conversation from The Conversation between Amanda Dunn (one of their editors) and veteran Michelle Grattan, who gave us a good serve of her very sharp wisdom. We retired to the Arts Centre for their pop-up Lobster Shack crayfish tail roll and chips plus a glass of champers. A real indulgence, but I think not overpriced, given the price of lobster at the fish shop ($139 a kilo!). Home for a quiet night.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Crossword day

I slept in this morning, so whereas last week we finished the crossword by the earliest time ever, this week it took till nearly lunchtime. Hence, no work was done and will have to wait till tomorrow. We had leftover fish curry for lunch but the fish had not survived very well. It was a bit tough on reheating. P. is making polpette for dinner as we settle for a night of Gently. My Spanish lessons seem to have reached a glass ceiling where I can't get past 15% fluent in Spanish (and even that is not true).

Saturday, December 09, 2017


Started the day with a brief perusal of the Saturday Paper and The Australian. Father Kelly and others are still smarting from their gay marriage and religious rights defeats but Bettina Arndt managed to celebrate the right of marvellous Milo to free speech bashing women in universities for being neo-Marxist and blinkered, both at once. GaGa Gerard Henderson drew a comparison between John Profumo and Sam Dastyari which is unfathomable. I then spent the rest of the morning checking the (online) proofs for an earlier autobiography. After an arvo nap, P. made chicken skewers with satay sauce for dinner, which were delicious. Then we watch cop shows, including a re-run of last week's Endeavour to try to figure it out. We almost could, but not quite. Is it clever scripting or bum scripting?

Friday, December 08, 2017

Work plus hospital

Yesterday (Thursday), I worked on the novel and autobiography, a bit each, then P. and I had pork pies for lunch plus French onion soup (the last of it for now). Then, while P. had a nap, I went off to the Club (Royal Melbourne) for my regular checkup with Ear, Nose and Throat. I waited about an hour and a half for a three-minute consultation with a very handsome young surgeon who told me I was fine, and adjusted my appointments to quarterly. Home again to where P. was making very nice pork spareribs for dinner with roast vegies. Today, we picked up Billy the Corolla (a new car at the Vespa place as Franz was being unfaithful) and went with Frank to Victoria Gardens where we did a good shop then had brunch at Addict which again proved its quality and invention. A nap followed, then I cooked a pea, fish and coriander curry while we watched cop shows on telly.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

A day in the country

This morning, P. and I went to Frank's, then we all caught the train to the city where we got the train to Castlemaine. David G. picked us up and whisked us off to his (relatively) new house in Newstead where he plied us with a delicious lunch and we had a good mag. Back to the station and home again after a splendid day. Back to work tomorrow.