Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sunday unusual

We started as normal with the giant crossword which this week had the usual one mistake (Llom instead of Blom). I got up early so we finished early but now I need a morning rest. We also watched Insiders which we don't usually, but the Phelps victory was worth recapping. Scummo was described as an 'advertising man', which is inaccurate as he failed at that. I prefer the SMH formulation as a 'door-to-door salesman'.

Saturday usual

Yesterday (Saturday), P. and I picked up Franz the Corolla and did ours and Noel's shopping, delivered it to Noel, then came home for the usual salmon patties for lunch. In the evening, we had oysters followed by garlic prawns and baby cheeses while we watched Kerryn Phelps victory in Wentworth. We cracked a bottle of champagne (French) in celebration. It was a good night, but who knows how it will all pan out. But it's a good start.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Sunday too far away

This morning, P. and I went round to the library to Teresa P.'s Aussie film course with Sunday Too Far Away, which holds up very well after forty years. It was interesting to hear how the film was re-edited in the UK because they (the English investors) didn't like so much union content, so it was reduced to the minimum. Given the context, it couldn't be ignored altogether. We followed with a good lunch at Mavis around-the-corner. My scrambled eggs with chilli and crab were delicious. Home again for a nap then P. made roast pork for dinner (with crackling).

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Vampires plus

This morning, I went early to the Health Centre to have Mary the Vampire do a splendid job in extracting blood before my appointment with Genie next week. Home again to unravel Memory Train which is now in train and an appointment the week after next should resolve everything. Believe that, and you'll believe anything. P. went off to have lunch with Robin S. then we had leftover soto ayam for dinner. A fairly quiet day on the whole. Meanwhile, crisis-a-day Scummo, masquerading as our prime minister, lurches from disaster to disaster.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

At home plus opera

Today, P. has gone off to the Health Centre for the results of his colonoscopy while I try to find out what's happening with Memory Train. P.'s news was all good (or nearly all). I still haven't made contact with the researchers at Memory Train. We had leftovers, anchovy pasta for lunch then in the evening went to Bistrot d'Orsay for a very indulgent three-course meal. Everyone who was almost anyone was there for the opening night of Otello. The production, by Melbourne Opera, was very ably directed by Bruce Beresford. The cast were excellent with a whole brace of tenors, all in ringing voice. They could perhaps have cut the second act a bit, as it had a few longeurs and the whole lot, with intervals, took three-and-a-half hours. The whole youthful opera was exhilarating though.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Quietish day

After a very busy day yesterday, it's a quiet one today with just a few administrative things to do plus a bit of reading. P. has gone off to host the U3A Tuesday forum on ageism. He's not speaking, just organising the AV and introducing. In the evening, P. and I joined Sean W. at Noel's place for another excellent dinner. All are more or less okay, except Noel is still not sleeping well.

Monday, October 15, 2018

George P. and other things

After getting the house clean for the cleaners this morning, we went off to pick up Barnaby the Yaris outside the health centre. We went off to see George P. in Bellfield (Heidelberg) who was quite chipper and cheeky as always. We then went to an audio joint in Bell Street where P. got headphones which he wanted/needed. Then home for lunch after I dropped off Barnaby after muscling out a white van in his spot and falling foul of the dunnies in the health centre which were flooded. P. went off to learn how to be a AV tech. at a U3A meeting tomorrow. We had soto ayam for dinner then usual Monday night teev.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

An adventure

This morning after a quick completion of the crossword, we headed in the train for Dandenong. It took longer than usual because track work (on the new over-the-top rail) between Caulfield and Westall (where?) meant buses were used. However, when we got there we had a very nice lunch for Julie and Ian's fortieth anniversary at Belleti's Italian. They dealt with several large parties very well. All credit to the staff and thanks to Julie and Ian for such a nice lunch with nice people. Home again on the same route. Having had a very good lunch we're just having fish soup for dinner.