Thursday, July 20, 2017

Blast from the past

Because of staying up to the end of the Tour de France last night, I slept in, then did some more work on the difficult report on novel 2. I hope I'll finish it tomorrow. P. went off for lunch with the S. sisters. In the evening, we had a quick meal at Yoyogi then went to 'My Fair Lady' revival. It purported to be the original production though the sets seemed more lavish than those at Her Majesty's in the sixties. Perhaps J.C. Williamsons were skimping. It was an excellent production, though it had the air of being embalmed rather than alive. It was good to see old stalwarts like Tony Lewellyn-Jones, Pamela Rabe and Reg Livermore strut their stuff with great aplomb, though L-Jones missed an entrance in a song. Reg must be getting on, but is still hoofing and singing with the best of them. Home for more Tour de France.


On Monday, P. and I picked up Franz the Corolla and headed up the Calder to Castlemaine. We dropped in on Ann de H. for a coffee and had a good mag especially about her Indian trip earlier in the year to the Jaipur litfest and to Kolkatta to visit Martyn B. We then went on to Maldon for a pleasant lunch in this historical village which looks as though it is struggling a bit. On then to Bendigo to settle in to our Bishopscourt very olde worlde residence with four-poster bed and fireplace. We had a very nice meal at the nearby Malaysian (actually pan-Asian) restaurant midst thundering hail on the roof. Next morning, we had a fine breakfast provided by Bev, our maitre-d. We then went to the Art Gallery which had some good shows, particularly a swodge of stuff from the La Trobe University collection, plus a good animal art collection including some Leigh Hobbs work. As a bonus, we got a free lunchtime concert by chamber players from Orchestra Victoria with works by Mozart (horn quintet), Rossini (duo for cello and double bass), Strauss (sextet from Capriccio) and Dvorak (terzetto). We also visited the Post Office Gallery for aerial views of Bendigo. We had a good lunch at Fat Gordo, then a very fine meal at the Dispensary. Everything I ate was raw: fish plus steak tartare. Next morning, another good breakfast then off to the Chinese Museum which contains two dragons (one a bit faded) and lots of Chinese curios and history. We had a drive in the Whipstick Forest and headed home with lunch in Kyneton. Leftover Bracciola for dinner then more Tour de France.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Spooky music

I spent most of today on novel number two. P. cooked up a storm for lunch with smoked salmon, scrambled egg and avocado mash (really) on toast. In the arvo, we headed for the Recital Centre for the Benaud Trio and a concert called Ghost Stories. There were three nocturnes by Bloch, a contemporary work by German Wolfgang Rihm and piano trio in D, no. 1 'The Ghost' by Beethoven. It was a musically good and well-thought-out concert. These Salon concerts are distinguished not only for their musicianship but the care and thought which has gone into the repertoire. We went home and I did steak on my new griddle with beans and chips. We also had the new garlic mustard from Milawa. Yum! More Tour de France but not till stumps.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Gasman Cometh

Yesterday (Thursday), I did quite a lot of work. I got the report on novel one off to the publisher and started going through autobiography number two revisions which seem to have solved most of the problems. Also, the gasman came to fix the heater which had a fan which finally gave up the ghost. Fortunately, it wasn't too expensive to fix and we hope it will last out the winter. I made anchovy pasta for dinner, but, even though I doubled the amount of anchovy, it was still a bit bland. This morning, we're off to do the shopping with Frank and Franz. We then had a good, if somewhat eccentric, lunch at Addict. I had some green stuff as garnish which looked and tasted as if it had come from some hedge somewhere. However, the rest was very tasty. I did lots more on novel two, had a nap then served oysters and fish soup for dinner. More cop shows and Tour de France (not all of it) followed.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

At home mostly

On Tuesday, I spent most of the day working and by today (Wednesday) had one autobiography checked and ready to send back to one of the authors for reworking. I have also nearly finished the report on draft novel number one. Both novels are first up on the agenda tomorrow. I've also received the amendments to autobiography number two which came just at the right time. P. went to town for lunch with Robin S. Tonight, P. and I went to the Malthouse for 'Heart is a Wasteland' superbly performed by Ursula Yovich and Aaron Pedersen. Written by John Harvey, it is an account of two 'drifters' who briefly connect and 'heal' each other after parting. We had a good dinner beforehand at the Malthouse.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Working and Music

This morning, I did a fair bit of work, part on the autobiography and part on the first novel report. The jolly cleaners came and briskly went through the place and P. and I had the leftover beef burgundy on toast for lunch. This arvo, it's off to the Recital Centre for Latitude 37. They did a splendid concert, though the Haydn transcription did not quite work in the balance between the lute and the flute, but the Quantz flute sonata was brilliant. The rest of the program was fairly obscure German composers and was most enjoyable. Afterwards, we had a tasty, quick meal at Blondie.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Kelly lunch

I was up this morning, not too early, to get the Sunday Age for the crossword. I also finished off the fritatta for lunch. P. and I went off to Sally's place for the Kelly lunch (July version). Sal had made a delicious soup plus baked ricotta which joined the fritatta and was followed by baby cheeses and Rennis' lemon tart. All yum. Sadly, Sal had an onslaught of vertigo and had to leave for a walk. A delicious lunch was had by all. Leftovers for dinner.

Shopping and quick trip to Germany

Yesterday morning (Saturday), P. and I picked up Franz the Corolla and went to Victoria Gardens for the weekly shopping. In the early arvo, we trecked to the German Lutheran Church in Parliament Place. After a quick viewing of the Jeff Kennett gargoyle on St Pat's, we enjoyed a concert The Triumph of Telemann: and the genesis of German cantata. Bits of Telemann bookended pieces by his predecessors and contemporaries. After an intro. by the sponsor, the Bach Society, we enjoyed tenor Robert Macfarlane and soprano, Kate Macfarlane plus instrumentalists, David Irving and Lizzy Welsh on violin, Laura Vaughan on an energetic viola da gamba and David Macfarlane (no relation) on harpsichord. Sitting in the small Lutheran church with its magnificent flowers was like a quick trip to Germany. Home again for oysters and a fish dinner.

Friday, July 07, 2017

A bit of worki

This morning, I did a bit of work on the autobiography while P. did his American Literature U3A. I had the last of the French onion soup for lunch, then a nap. Afterwards, I got another novel for report. Tonight, we're having leftover beef burgundy with mash. What a treat!